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Board of Advisors


General Information

The Board of Advisors is an integral part of the Catholic Charities and is necessary for its very existence. The Board, in fact, predates Catholic Charities itself.

In May 1917, a group of prominent Catholic businessmen developed a plan to unite all the Catholic Charitable institutions in the Archdiocese. The plan was approved by the Archbishop of Chicago, the Most Reverend George W. Mundelein, D.D. on January 21, 1918 and the charter for the Associated Catholic Charities of Chicago was approved by the State of Illinois and the Board began its work.

The first Board, as a group, held monthly meetings, approved institutional request for funds on a month-by-month basis, and raised money. Individual members made personal, periodic inspection tours of all the agencies, reported their findings to the entire Board, and performed other duties as required.

As Catholic Charities grew in size and became more complex, a corresponding growth occurred in the Board. Gradually, its members’ responsibilities became more specialized and committees were assigned to handle specific duties.

Catholic Charities Board of Advisors now numbers about 630.


The Board of Advisors has the responsibility for advising and sustaining Catholic Charities. Board members have the opportunity to match their talents and contributions to specific programs and causes of special interest and importance to themselves. With this privilege and opportunity come the responsibility of supporting Catholic Charities in various ways, including through financial support, by participating in volunteer activities and supporting fundraisers.

2017 Executive Officers

Rev. Monsignor Michael M. Boland

Leonard E. Wiatr

Michael Y. Scudder, Jr.
Vice Chairman

David K. McHugh

Janice Klich

Michael Bianchi
Assistant Secretary

Elida Hernandez
Assistant Treasurer 

Executive Committee

Mary S. Feeley 
Louis J. Glunz III
John J. Hartman
David R. Hoese
Mark A. Hoppe
Janice R. Klich
David K. McHugh
Michael L. Monticello
Lawrence P. Morris
Charles W. Mulaney, Jr.
Mark L. Noetzel
Timothy J. Rivelli
Michael J. Ryan
Michael Y. Scudder, Jr.
Leonard E. Wiatr

Corporate Officers

Rev. Msgr. Michael M. Boland
John J. Ryan
Elida Hernandez
Michele Bianchi
Kathleen A. Donahue-Coia




2017 Board of Directors

Linda C. Abbott
Kathleen M. Almaney
Rev. Msgr. Michael M. Boland
John J. Burke, Jr.
Richard W. Burke, Sr.
Mary M. Carlson
Charles F. Clarke, Jr.
Kevin W. Cleary
Mary S. Feeley
James R. Figliulo
Martha FitzGerald
Louis J. Glunz III
William L. Hardy
John J. Hartman
David R. Hoese
Mark A. Hoppe  
Benjamin Jagoe
Michael P. Kendall
Judith M. Kendzior
Gerard Kenny
Janice R. Klich
William L. Lamey, Jr.
Ronald P. Laurent
Christopher E. Lawler
Eileen Burns Lerum
Joseph F. Luby
John J. Lynch, Jr.
Dennis A. Marks
Clement V. Martin
Brian Masterson
David K. McHugh
Robert P. McNeill
Rene Medina
Michael L. Monticello
Lawrence P. Morris
David Muhlenkamp
Charles W. Mulaney, Jr.
Carolyn Mulaney
Mark L. Noetzel
Timothy Richards
Timothy J. Rivelli
James M. Ryan
Michael Ryan
Michael Y. Scudder, Jr.
Leonard E. Wiatr
Anne Kelly Williams
Jude P. Zwick

2017 Standing Committees of the Board of Directors

1. Audit Committee

Reviews the scope of the audit, proposed by auditors; considers problems and questions which may arise in the course of the audit; monitors the sufficiency of Catholic Charities’ bookkeeping, accounting and internal audit controls; discusses and approves audits and other fees and charges and the services of independent public auditors; and consults with auditors periodically on matters of internal financial control and procedures, and reports to the Board of Directors in respect of these matters. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. Kevin W. Cleary, Chair
Mr. Robert G. Lindeman, Vice Chair
Ms. Jennifer Levin, Facilitator

2. Benefits Committee

Reviews, approves and monitors Pension and Defined Benefits Plans for Catholic Charities and involved agencies. Assists the Human Resources Department in reviewing and developing salary, medical and other Benefit plans and policies as they apply to the staff of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mrs. Kathleen M. Almaney, Chair
Mr. Ed Guerrero, Facilitator

3. Board Relations Committee

Monitors progress in maximizing opportunities for Board of Advisor member involvement, and communicates frequently and clearly with Board of Advisor members regarding their responsibilities, as well as service, social and spiritual opportunities. Supports Marys’ Closet along with the Junior Board. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. Brian P. Masterson, Chair
Mrs. Dalia Bagdonas Rocotello, Facilitator

4. Communications/Marketing Committee

Assists the Department of Communications in developing, evaluating, soliciting resources and implementing new marketing programs that are aimed at increasing the awareness of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mrs Anne Kelly Williams, Chair 
Ms. Kristine Kappel, Facilitator

5. Finance Committee

Reviews, approves and monitors annual operating and capital budgets, longer-range fiscal forecasts and recommendations related to other finance issues. Assists the treasurer in reviewing the annual independent audit. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. Michael L. Monticello Co-Chair
Mr. John C. McCarthy, Co-Chairs 
Ms. Elida Hernandez, Facilitator

6. Government Relations

Provides assistance and guidance to administration and Government Relations staff as requested on governmental relations matters. Meetings occur as needed.

Mr. James M. Ryan, Chair
Mrs. Stephanie Johnson, Facilitator

7. Investment Committee

Supervises the performance of retained investment counsel in investment and reinvestment of
retirement plan resources, Catholic Charities corporate resources, and Archdiocesan owned and operated agency endowment capital resources. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. Robert P. McNeill, Co-Chair
Mr. David R. Hoese, Co-Chairs
Ms. Beth Seaman, Facilitator

8. Latino Advisory Committee

Assists the administration in identifying and addressing needs in the Latino communities. Works with Board Relations to increase minority representation and participation on the Board of Advisors. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. Clement V. Martin, Chair 
Ms. Stella Gaytan, Vice Chair 
Mrs. Cary Rositas-Sheftel, Facilitator

9. Legal Advisory Committee

Serves as a resource for the Catholic Charities Department of Legal Services and periodically reviews the established by-laws of Catholic Charities. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. Dennis A. Marks, Chair
Mr. Donald J. Brown, Jr., Vice Chair
Ms. Michele Bianchi, Facilitator

(Sub-Committee of Legal Advisory Committee)
By-Laws Committee


Periodically reviews the established by-laws of the Catholic Charities, and prepares suggestions for by-law revision for Administration and Board of Director consideration. Meetings occur as needed.

Ms. Renee Popovits-Long, Chair
Ms. Michele Bianchi, Facilitator

10. Nominating Committee

Develops specific recommendations regarding the appointment of potentially new or reappointment of members of the Board of Advisors, and nominates officers of the Board of Directors on a biannual basis in accordance with the bylaws. Meetings occur as needed.

Mr. Charles W. Mulaney, Jr. Chair 
Mr. John J. Hartman, Vice Chair
Mrs. Dalia Bagdonas Rocotello, Facilitator

11. Parish Outreach Committee

Assists in the development and on-going relationships with parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago in a year-round effort to better communicate services provided by Catholic Charities. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. James Figliulo, Chair 
Mr. Dennis G. Brown, Vice Chair
Ms. Terri Denny, Facilitator

12. Real Estate Committee

Advises administration as requested regarding lease negotiations, purchase and sale of real estate, long range real estate usage planning, and other real estate matters. Meetings occur as needed.

Mr. William L Hardy, Chair 
Mr. John J. Ryan, Facilitator

13. Strategic Planning Committee

Assists administration in long-range planning and asks critical questions that affect Catholic Charities in its mission of professional social services. Meetings occur quarterly.

Ms. Mary S. Feeley, Chair 
Ms. Kathleen A. Donahue-Coia, Facilitator

14. Veterans Support Committee

Provides assistance and support program planning for Veterans’ Programs within Catholic Charities such as the St. Leo Residence for Veterans and Cooke’s Manor Hines. Meetings occur as needed.

Mr. David Muhlenkamp, Chair 
Ms. Stephanie Johnson, Facilitator

15. Volunteer Support Committee

Assists Catholic Charities programs by identifying and processing volunteers to assist with general and hands-on efforts. Orientate, schedule, and plan most effective use of volunteers. Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. Mark Noetzel, Chair
Ms. Marie Jochum, Facilitator


Medical Council

Reviews medical need(s) of the Archdiocese. Plans, facilitates, implements Medical Fairs throughout the Chicago area to assist low income families and seniors. Networks with medical-affiliated organizations for follow-up care. Meetings occur as needed.

Dr. Paul O’Keefe, Chair
Ms. Kate Mulvaney, Facilitator

For additional information or to participate on the Standing Committees and Medical Council of the Board, please contact Dalia Rocotello, Director of Board Relations and Mission Engagement at 312-655-8492 or


16. Family & Parish Support Services

Provides regular assistance to and raise awareness of the Family and Parish Support Services program. These services include: providing: Basic social and psychological needs of families, individuals, information and referral, casework, counseling, specialized services for immigrants and refugees, maternity services, domestic and international adoptions. Meetings occur quarterly.

Ms. Judith M. Kendzior, Chair
Ms. Peggy Arizzi, Facilitator

17. Housing Services

Provides regular assistance to and raise awareness of the Housing Services programs. This includes: managing affordable and federally-assisted rental housing buildings for low income seniors, families and special populations, including a licensed nursing home, supportive living, shelter services and housing programs for veterans.

Mr. Gerard Kenny, Co-Chair
Ms. Mary Doohan, Co-Chairr
Ms. Eileen Higgins, Facilitator

18. Children, Youth, & Family Services

Provides assistance and guidance to the management and services of the Children, Youth, and Family Services Division, and promotes a collaborative, cooperative relationship between all services. These services include: Child development centers, after school care, services to pregnant and parenting teens, child and family counseling and child welfare programs Meetings occur quarterly.

Mr. Christopher E. Lawler, Chair
Ms. Marcia Maslowski, Vice Chair
Mrs. Laura Rios, Facilitator

19. Senior Social Services

Provides assistance and guidance to the management and services of the Senior Social Services Division, and promotes a collaborative, cooperative relationship between all services in the Division. These services include: in- home and related supportive services, for seniors on a non-residential basis; case management and senior activity centers. Meetings occur quarterly.

Dr. Janice Klich, Chair
Ms. Mary Ann Bibat, Facilitator

20. Community Development and Outreach Services

Assists individuals, families and communities in the provision of services which support and enhance growth and development in areas of community, nutrition, health, education and intervention outreach initiatives. Meetings occur quarterly.

Ms. Martha FitzGerald, Chair 
Mr. Angel Gutierrez, Facilitator


Advises regional staff and administration on regional/local related needs and issues and assists in community awareness and fundraising efforts for Catholic Charities services. Meetings occur quarterly.

21. Lake County Regional Advisory Board

Ms. Eileen Lerum, Chair
Ms. Terri Denny, Facilitator

22. North Cook County Regional Advisory Board

Mr. John J. Burke, Jr. Chair
Ms. Adriana S. Kelly, Facilitator

23. Northwest Cook County Regional Advisory Board

Mr. Michael P. Kendall, Chair 
Ms. Sandra Adamczyk, Vice-Chair
Mr. Michael Waters, Facilitator

24. West Cook County Regional Advisory Board

Mr. Benjamin Jagoe, Chair
Mr. John Parker, Vice Chair
Ms. Esmeralda Zepeda, Facilitator

25. South Cook County Regional Advisory Board

Ms. Linda C. Abbott, Chair
Mr. Christopher Torres, Facilitator

26. Southwest Cook County Regional Advisory Board

Mr. Timothy Richards, Chair
Mr. Christopher Torres, Interim Facilitator

27. City Southwest Regional Advisory Board

Mr. Rene Medina, Chair
Ms. Marilu Gonzalez, Facilitator


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